Helping Each Other
Accomplish What God
Has Called Us To Do!



True Hope Ministries of America is a multi-faceted fellowship for American* ministry servants and leaders in which mutual benefit, encouragement and support really takes place!

The purpose of True Hope Ministries of America is to glorify God by the shared, mutual commitment among our leaders and members to fulfill our aim which is . . .

To Help You Accomplish What God Has Called You To Do!


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True Hope Ministries of America offers opportunities for ministry growth and increase through education, services and a growing number of resources that will increase your ability to accomplish what God has called you to do!

What do you need that will help you become the ministry servant or leader that you know God has called you to be?

Take a few moments and discover what True Hope Ministries of America offers you - both as a child of God and as a ministry servant or leader - you'll find that membership with us offers you a great deal more to help you fulfill more of God's purpose for your life and ministry!

*American ministry servants and leaders: While we agree with and support world wide evangelism and discipleship in Christ Jesus - - this ministry is concerned with the American church and ministry culture which has, to such a great degree, striven to become a friend of the world rather than being the Light of Christ TO the world! (See: Matthew 5:14-16)

Our aim - and abilities - are limited to facilitating the American ministry leaders to help them bring about repentance for revival in America that we may once again become the world leaders in proclaiming the Truth of God, proclaiming the Gospel and truly accomplishing what God has called us to do!

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